So You Still Think You Don’t Need Privacy? Of course if you have nothing to hide, and are proud of it, everything is as it should be.  But a more cynical person might wonder, why is it so important for the Justice Department to identify exactly who is “against” a particular person or idea? TOR can anonymize your IP address — the […]

Mobile Devices Insecurity – Webinar [alert]  Register now ——————from the CIS (center for internet security) page:—- Sex, Lies and Mobile Devices: The Seedy Underworld of Mobile [In]security Thursday, August 17, 2017 | 3:00 pm EST The smartphone in your pocket has transformed, quite literally, every facet of your life. From commerce and communications to entertainment and awareness, mobile devices have become […]

TOR (and Other) Updates

Good information hygiene:  keep your stuff updated – operating system, applications, etc, including browsers – if you’re not sure how to do it, google is your friend, look for information from the source:  for windows, find the recommendation on microsoft-dot-com,  NOT or (unless you have an idea they are legit). Update 7.0.4 […]

“Do Not Call” List and Protecting Your Real Phone Number

The Federal Trade Commission runs the USA “do not call” registry.   Sign up to reduce marketing calls to your phone: To find information (FAQ = frequently asked questions), this site has a nice clear description: It might be easy to be cynical about the usefulness of such a registry for honest telemarketers, since […]

Privacy Phones

Ever wanted a secure phone, like Ilya Kuriakin (played by David McCallum in “The Man From U.N.C.L.E) receiving a call from Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaugh) “Open Channel D”?  Maybe not the shoe phone from Maxwell Smart.  Yes, I’m showing my age.  Never mind the Dick Tracy references. Some interesting options trying to get a start […]