Thanks but no thanks, LATimes

Here is the choice:  show ads (and tracking your activity) or be denied access to the online content / information published by LATimes.   Sure it’s possible to slip your credit card through the paywall and read the news.   Today, you’re not that good nor that exclusive, so thanks but no thanks, I don’t need to get my news from you.   I don’t have an ad blocker, I do block tracking with Privacy Badger and Ghostery.  Wonder how many other news outlets are like this?  NYTimes at least gives you a few articles before kicking in “pay or go away” pathway.

Many users of internet resources have become very accustomed to FREE FREE FREE.  Google give you mail, docs, voice, apps, authenticator, sites, maps, youtube, etc etc.  Microsoft give you many similar services.

I do understand the need to monetize the work out on the internet, if only to pay for the work that is put into producing the content.  All the media channels want you to subscribe to get their content (last week’s episodes and earlier, might be available) – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, they are all the same.   I can of course pay for that access, which otherwise is available over-the-air without a subscription service.

What does that say, though, about public access to current information and news?  Only for those who can pay for it?  If you’re poor, too bad, catch up on today’s news next week?



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