Your browser is telling on you

Whenever you visit a site on your browser, the standard browser setup (from factory) will not only be happy to let many sites track your activity, but reveals to that web site some interesting information about your browser:

For example, see these checks (or google “browser privacy check”:

Is your service provider already giving you IPv6 service?  will tell you, but only if you are directly attached to the router they provide,  or the WiFi on their router box.  For example if you use your own home router (Linksys, DLink, Netgear)  it might not pass through the IPv6 even if your provider brings it to your doorstep.    Security and privacy of IPv6 will be covered in a future post.

Good news:  now you know, and should no longer be surprised.

Bad news:  some tools such as Privacy Badger or Ghostery that block trackers, do not necessarily prevent leakage of information to the site you are visiting.

What to do:    you can use a proxy, or VPN service, but you know that the proxy or VPN provider knows where you’re going and everything you’re doing.  Using a proxy, or using one exclusively for all your internet access, is already a flag that makes you interesting:  your service provider pretty obviously knows your home router is connecting to proxy services.   I don’t use a proxy partly because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay for anything if I can get by for free.   TOR browser might be an option, and will be covered in another post.      Unless and until privacy of your personal information and data finally becomes generally accepted as a right (see info on EU), commerclal interests and government / law enforcement will know it’s perfectly legal to harvest and use your internet traffic as they wish.