How Mitnick stays private

There is often unavoidable conflict between/among competing desirable objectives, and one or the other path carries potentially undesirable baggage.  Mitnick is a convicted criminal, much worse in the overall moral ranking universe than just some rich people who have a history of being jerks.  Even famous ones like Jobs (I am sad he died too soon though) and Gates (pretty ruthless in his youth).   So I will not endorse any of them, much less desire to help them financially by buying their books.

On the other hand, civilization thrives on getting along and cooperating with others, and some societies even believe in redemption and forgiveness.   There is this convenient fiction that people who are convicted of crimes, can “pay their debt to society” and wipe the slate clean, and even start over fresh.   Can we imagine a future where Assange and Snowden redeem themselves and become full and accepted members of respectable society?  Actually, were they ever?  (Reference to joke, Doctor: after this surgery you’ll play golf again.  Patient:  Really?  I couldn’t play golf before!)   Even better:  would they even want to be part of respectable society?  Who knows.

So here we are:  if we can benefit from Kevin’s work that does protect privacy, and the advice is sound, why would we reject it simply due to the source?

Among the three main recommendations from below, can all be helped (you still have to be careful) with TAILS.  If you want to get more details or help, or just talk about it use the Contact page.  It will be the subject of an upcoming post in any case.

  • Remove your true IP address:
  • Obscure your hardware and software:  
  • Defend your anonymity:

Here is the article: