My Apologies: Mea Culpa

Okay sometimes I get really excited about something rather cool.  Like the story on which has tremendous possibilities, which I am myself only finding out what we can do, what are the potential risks, and so on.  So perhaps more often than not, I forget that something fundamental:  that this blog is intended to encourage people to take steps to improve their privacy, and I tend to use terminology and jargon that regular people (reasonably smart, well read, curious, intelligent people) simply have not been exposed to, and thus are just out of reach.

To you, I apologize for doing exactly some of those things I despise.  Guilty.  Hey,  I’ve done my own snickering at “helpdesk” people who are not helpful, because they deliberately throw out jargon that ordinary people have no way of understanding, wrapping them in advice that are of no use whatever to the people who are supposed to be the ones being helped.  Now I find myself behaving in a similar way, and I realize this is inexcusable.

Here is what I will do.   If what I post is not understandable or rather direct, call me on it:  send me a note on the Contact page, or an email at  and I’ll add an explanation to help clarify.

A new tab / section will also appear soon, for a Glossary of terms, for which I’ll probably rely a lot on sources like Wikipedia, or “Explain Like I’m 5”.  If those sites already have good explanations, I won’t try to compete in their realms.

Don’t let me get away with jargon.  Using jargon happens all the time, but it is intimidating to the “uninitiated” and doesn’t help if the end result is offputting and increasing the distance between / among people who claim to share a common purpose.  Let’s take this privacy journey together and try to understand each other — I should understand what you are looking for, and make myself understood to a reasonably wide audience who want to do something for their privacy.

On the other hand, when I post something, I’m also not writing out a comprehensive curriculum for teaching everything about privacy either:  I try to provide links to sites, and guess what?  Part of our interaction is that I actually expect you to follow those links if you’re interested in the topic.  Neither you nor I have time for me to spoon feed you.

So let’s agree to try to balance interesting topics and contemporary news, with some clarity and accessibility to the general interested reader.  Thanks for your patience in sticking with me.