Library Freedom [soapbox]

What do privacy and freedom have to do with libraries?  Everything!  Getting libraries involved in privacy initiatives provides communities with real tools for real people.  Once you have an idea what is being done with this project, bring it to your librarian.

I’ll get on my soapbox for just a moment and push an obligation on all librarians, whether they want that job or not:   Librarians are the guardians of the Truth:  not fake news.  The authentic record of history and data about our world, the people, culture, all of it, is ultimately in the hands of librarians.  Whether it is in dead tree format or digital doesn’t matter as much as whether the information is authentic, or whether the integrity of that data has been tampered with.   Who else will do this important work?

Privacy is fundamental to individual freedom; if you’re not clear on why, do read some of the reasoning in this article.

In this age where anything can be faked, from PhotoShop to an edited audio recording of your voice, an authentic record of historical or personal value, is a rare and valuable treasure indeed.