[wod]: OSINT and a double [howto]

Word of the day:  OSINT.  Open Source Intelligence — finding things on all three layers of the internet:  the surface (the part that is indexed; for example, by google), the deep (probably bigger than the part known by google, imagine that), and dark (accessible only by special access tools such as TOR). Please remember to […]

Join Ehsan Zaffar conversation 4/30/2017

Join Ehsan Zaffar, founder of Stand with Me for a conversation at Parish of the Epiphany this coming Sunday 4/30 at 11:30-12:30.   Please call ahead for reserved seating. The Parish of the Epiphany 70 Church Street, Winchester, MA 01890 Ehsan Zaffar Founder of Stand with Me: a project for connecting communities under threat to resources, allies, and each other Speaking […]

The Easter Bunny’s Special Job

Sean Spicer reads to kids at the White House on Easter.   The Easter bunny says “my real name’s a secret”, and “my special job means I must hide my real identity.”  How do you feel about that?   It is fine as long as the bunny stays in the story book and not a stranger / […]