Phony VPN/Security Services [alert]

“Follow the money.”   Willie Sutton famously was quoted (Snopes says Sutton was quoted incorrectly) saying he robbed banks because that’s where the money is.

Just as fake charities steal donations after a disaster, fake security services pop up in light of general concern about privacy.

What could be bad about a service called “MySafeVPN” ?   This report only goes to show, it is necessary to verify claims, certainly before sending money.

Who can you trust, though?   What if they claim they are affiliated with a reputable organization, say a bank, and use your local bank’s logo in their solicitation email?  For something as important as the security of your private information, the answer is actually simple:  ask your bank.   If they have never heard of these providers, your bank should appreciate being notified of the scam and perhaps they will take some steps to protect their own reputation.

Finally, it’s still up to us as individuals to learn, with information from people we trust, to determine where to spend money and differentiate scammers from the crowd.

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