Dead or Alive? [haha]

In an earlier post Replika was described as an AI (artificial intelligence) engine that intends to capture your personality, and your “replika” responds to messages in a way you (the live meat-based entity) would.   The AI part, should learn enough about you to respond to new situations and take positions based on your personality and preferences.  Sometimes people who want to share their personal wisdom with their grandchildren and guide them through life, might make their own replika.  Others just think it’s creepy to have a clone.   Anyone might have a “twin” experience, or “triplet”, “quad”, … why stop there, an “octo” time with you and seven replikas.   They could tell Alexa to make dinner, schedule the timing chain replacement, read a story to the kids, what could go wrong?

Sometimes, however, such an idea is a bit premature: