Threat to Democracy [alert]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation includes privacy as one if its top initiative.  While EFF’s focus is directed to government overreach, an equally large danger, or perhaps greater, is that of the actions of private (global scale) companies in aggregating our personal data and leveraging it well beyond such benign objectives as marketing and helping you find better pet food for your cockerpoo.

Global manipulation beyond political (read: law enforcement) borders and reach is one potential outcome, as reported in the Guardian.

Such manipulation (if the story bears out and when further evidence is revealed) renders the entire democratic election process a farce and tool of the rich to make themselves richer at the expense of everyone else.  Sure go ahead and campaign, even vote for your candidate, but realize the Wizard behind the curtain has already determined the winner, and by how much.

It may well already be too late, but let’s not pretend that everything is fine.