Protecting Your Online Accounts With 2FA [howto]

Okay, so you want to keep your personal information private.

So tell me, do you still use an easily guessed password?

Like “password2”, or “IForgot9”?

You already know this, so what you need is the reminder, pick a better password.  There are many millions of accounts that have already been compromised.

Say instead of a simple username+password combination, which anyone can get by simple means like “shoulder surfing” (watching over your shoulder while you type),  you are challenged to provide a “second factor” for authenticating the user:   either a text message sent to your phone or a code generated from an app on your smartphone, before your account is opened.

Because your email is often used to reset passwords for many services (hint:  including banking), it is very important to protect your email account with 2FA.


There are lists of service providers who support 2FA and MFA, by category  — if you select “Email”, you can see who already supports 2FA and links to the supporting documents.

If you are more technical this is a good explanation from Duo Security, and for a test group of up to 10 users, you an take it for a drive for free.