Hushed Phone

For not a lot of money, a short term temporary (burner) phone number (you don’t have to buy a separate phone, signup, etc etc), just use the app, call, SMS, voicemail, in a variety of countries.

Based out of Ottawa (other side of an international border), it is not immediately under domestic three-letter-agency governance.   That’s not to say there’s specific privacy around your conversation or texts, but then if you discard the phone number, leaving that history behind that does not contain your home address, or other personally identifying information, should guide your use of a disposable phone number.

The blog talks about a beneficial use case of leaving behind a date who you really don’t want to continue with, but they keep texting and calling “did I do something wrong?”…   If they have your real number, you can always change numbers, but that’s not convenient if your friends need to reach you.

The same strategy should apply to your email:  keep your private email for friends and family, give out your disposable email for signups to services so the ads and notifications are automatically filtered.