Privacy Workshop Beats Senate

Those of you who came to the workshop on May 1st, beat out the Senate if you installed and started using Signal.   Good for you!

On the other hand, if you have been using Signal, you will have noticed when someone else in your address book as started using Signal — Signal tell you so.  Maybe it’s not such a big deal,  but it’s another tiny piece of information that maybe you don’t want to have broadcast to others without your approval.   Look!  Bob is now on Signal!  (what’s he up to, eh?).   This article seems to exaggerate the danger but they do have a point:

Personally I would have liked an option to “not notify everyone on my contact list that I’m using Signal” – that’s my own business, but that’s not an option now.   Signal has its own agenda of expanding its user base, and will do this as their way of demonstrating their expansion.

Once large numbers of people use Signal, and groups such as the entire US Senate, it will no longer be surprising (and draw attention to the fact that) that a particular person is using Signal or other encryption application.  That will be a nicer day ahead of us in the future.