Protecting Your Kids’ Privacy [alert]

So there is an estimate that 70% of all K-12 schools / students use google or other online service (Microsoft, Apple, or other) for assignments, submitting homework, and learning sites —

Teachers are already overburdened with everything else, including teaching, and do not have a lot of bandwidth to address the security of the students’ internet identity and access.

To have their google username and trivial password “Richard123” for Richard, and then using the same user account and password for the affiliated math, science, history, and other sites, trains everyone to believe that it is good practice to use trivial passwords like adding “123” to your first name, and use the same account EVERYWHERE.  Hint:  it’s NOT.

If you have kids in school and they use google for their homework, talk to them about what protections or security measures are in place or should be.  If you have any questions about this feel free to contact me and we can talk about it.