Who’s Watching You?

Creepy ?  It’s the future, and it’s here.  What devices have you already invited into your home and listening to every conversation? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/akita/akita-instant-privacy-for-smart-homes https://ksr-video.imgix.net/projects/3172893/video-843524-h264_high.mp4 from the post: Connected to a LAN port on your router, Akita scans your network for any unusual activity and immediately shuts it down. All-the-while letting you know an attempt was […]

KYR: Do You Know Your Rights?

If one day your friend knocks on your door, and says “can we come in for just a minute?” and brings someone inside.  You know they are part of a local sanctuary church group and your friend has volunteered to drive them to their dental appointment.  Shiny dark SUV rolls up and someone comes to […]

Are You Hacked? [howto tell]

If a pop up window tell you you have been hacked, no matter how authentic it looks, the (almost) obvious thing to do is verify your antivirus is not disabled. Please understand this does not constitute advice – if you have a problem, get professional help from someone you trust. Recommendation still stands to enable […]