Your DNA, hr1313, and catching the Golden State Killer

one thing is clear when it comes to commercial genetic testing companies, Gruber said. People who use their products “don’t usually have a full understanding and appreciation for what type of information they’re giving those companies,” and they don’t understand that they’ve given up “any future control” over their information. “Be cautious and fully informed,” […]

Think you’re anonymous? Think again. 40% of “anonymous” visitors are identified by other information.   Perhaps your browser tells the site your specific version, and patches, and available plugins.  If your IP address has been the same for a while, and you’re still logged in to another site with which dnb have a “relationship” to share tracking data.  Boom!  At […]

Google Starbucks now harvesting your usage

All wireless and WiFi access points already see the name of your phone and your MAC address even if you don’t log  in.  Bluetooth signals are notorious for lower security.  They are convenient but constantly blab to your nearby neighborhoods your phone’s identity. Stores can configure their WiFi access points to triangulate your location in […]

“Porting” “Porting Out” cell phone hijacking [wod] Word of the Day:  Porting Out – when someone pretending to be you convinces a store in another state to “upgrade” your phone, the one in your pocket stops working immediately.  Even in the middle of a phone call. This is an increasing tactic used by criminals, and retail stores are not always careful […]