Is an AI calling you == Robocall?

Should realistic computer generated calls be regulated?

New AI based callers from google and others, are so good they can fool humans.

If they are then able to do this (from the article):

a scene from the TV show “The Office,” in which a scheming assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute, makes 50 restaurant reservations then sells them off to desperate callers — what he calls his “perfect Valentine’s Day.” “People with AI-powered assistants who can easily make those 50 restaurant reservations would harm both businesses and consumers,” she said.

Humans are at a distinct disadvantage.

Tim Wu promotes “Blade Runner” laws that prohibit an AI or bot, to pretend they are human.  .

[new to me but not too surprised:] Robots buy tickets (Hamilton) faster than any human can click through a page and enter their credit card number.

OK I confess this topic is not so directly related to privacy, but too fun to ignore.