Alexa listening to and laughing at you [alert]

Alexa has many talents. Amazon’s voice assistant can play music, set timers, order a pizza, and send recordings of private conversations to random people in its users’ contact list.

It’s funny when these things happen to other people.   It’s not so funny when it happens to you.   It’s funny when Alexa is doing this, but do you know that your Siri, Cortana and GoogleAssistant can also be listening ALL THE TIME, and perhaps they are just too polite to laugh at you?

Maybe it’s time to power off all these microphones when you don’t wish to be recorded.  Some “sleep analyzers” use the microphone to detect your overnight activity since hot batteries catching fire under your pillow is such a bad idea.  All of you with flip phones (unsmart) might be smarter than the rest of you who have smartphones?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!