Zero Knowledge

I’ve liked the term “zero knowledge” back when it was used in the context of Diffie-Hellman key exchanges and other scenarios (see for examples). Zero knowledge cloud storage means the cloud service provider has no knowledge of the file(s) and folders you put on their storage (other than of course size and filename).  Note: if […]

Avoiding Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is everywhere, expanding to public spaces and public gatherings including demonstrations.  If you don’t mind being recognized and tagged in a database of demonstrators at various events, no problem; but for some, the state of facial recognition seems readily confused by something as simple as makeup:  

Hiding from the Internet

So one day you tell yourself:  “I am going to take some serious steps to lock down my privacy, and I’m going to disappear so nobody can find me nor hack me.”  The textbook for that activity is from Michael Bazzell who has a find book complete with instructions and checklists.  It’s available at the […]