Scout motto: Be Prepared

Awareness is the first step towards gaining back some privacy and security. Doing something about it, or taking any little step, is taking that first step. We can start with a dinghy, rowboat, or even a PFD rather than have nothing available when you know the flood is arriving, or has already arrived… Howard Ruff, […]

Privacy and Civil Rights Oversight Board

What if there were a board in the Executive branch by that name, where “The Board’s mission is to ensure that the federal government’s efforts to prevent terrorism are balanced with the need to protect privacy and civil liberties.​”    Before all you cynics weigh in, it’s at least a good thing that such a […]

DNS – what does it have to do with my privacy?

DNS is “domain name service”.  Every time you look for, click on, or connect to something like,,, or, it is part of the overall process for your application (maybe your FireFox or Chrome browser) and computer software, to ask “the internet address book”:  a “dns server” for the actual IP address […]

2nd Privacy Workshop March 27, 2019 – 6:30-8pm at the Library

The second Privacy Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday March 27, from 6:30 to 8pm at the Winchester Library.  and .   Roy Wattanasin is a security and privacy advocate and will help with the program. If you have a topic that has been on your mind relating to the privacy of your personal information, […]