I can hear your heartbeat and I know it’s you

We all know about fingerprints and retina scan for biometric identification.  Faces are now used to identify people and log on to computers and smartphones.  You can certainly be identified by your gait: the special way you walk, that is like nobody else.  Other methods that didn’t gain widespread acceptance include body odor sniffers. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613891/the-pentagon-has-a-laser-that-can-identify-people-from-a-distanceby-their-heartbeat/ […]

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) 2019

National Cyber Awareness System: Privacy Awareness Week 05/22/2019 07:31 PM EDT Original release date: May 22, 2019 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released an announcement promoting Privacy Awareness Week (PAW). PAW is an annual event fostering awareness of privacy issues and the importance of protecting personal information. This year’s theme, “Protecting Privacy is Everyone’s […]

The library helps you with your privacy

https://chooseprivacyeveryday.org/ Libraries close the gap on unequal privacy during Choose Privacy Week 2019 This year’s theme for Choose Privacy Week (May 1-7, 2019) — “Inclusive Privacy: Closing the Gap” — draws attention to the privacy inequities imposed on vulnerable and historically underrepresented populations and highlights how libraries can close the privacy gap for those who […]

All software is defective

https://thehackernews.com/2019/04/france-Tchap-secure-messenger.html From the article: A white-hat hacker found a way to get into the French government’s newly launched, secure encrypted messaging app that otherwise can only be accessed by officials and politicians with email accounts associated with the government identities. Dubbed “Tchap,” the end-to-end encrypted, open source messaging app has been created by the French […]