Is an AI calling you == Robocall?

Should realistic computer generated calls be regulated? New AI based callers from google and others, are so good they can fool humans. If they are then able to do this (from the article): a scene from the TV show “The Office,” in which a scheming assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute, makes 50 […]

World password day Did you miss world password day?  Me too. But it’s never too late to start protecting your own security and privacy.  This article mentions “layering up” which is just another name for two factor authentication, or multi factor authentication. Also, it’s a good time to start using a password manager. Google those terms, ask […]

What /who is your smart tv talking to? From the article: Most single- or limited-purpose IoT devices are susceptible to this simple attack. We are currently designing and evaluating obfuscation techniques to protect activity inference from network metadata. Finding #3: Many IoT Devices Contact a Large and Diverse Set of Third Parties In many cases, consumers expect that their devices contact manufacturers’ […]

Your DNA, hr1313, and catching the Golden State Killer

one thing is clear when it comes to commercial genetic testing companies, Gruber said. People who use their products “don’t usually have a full understanding and appreciation for what type of information they’re giving those companies,” and they don’t understand that they’ve given up “any future control” over their information. “Be cautious and fully informed,” […]

Think you’re anonymous? Think again. 40% of “anonymous” visitors are identified by other information.   Perhaps your browser tells the site your specific version, and patches, and available plugins.  If your IP address has been the same for a while, and you’re still logged in to another site with which dnb have a “relationship” to share tracking data.  Boom!  At […]