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So far, visitors from 28 countries (plus “EU”) and counting!  This is from the WordPress log of who visited this site from which countries.   If some of you used TOR or a VPN to view the privacy blog (good for you!) of course it’s possible your real location was masked.

Google + Credit Card Companies [alert], [howto] You know that Amazon knows enough about what you will be ordering before you even know it yourself:  that’s how Jeff Bezos knows what to put in his warehouses for same day or 2-hour delivery. Now Google knows when and how much you spend in which store, if you use your credit card(s).  Using […]

Robot Diversions, Android Sheep

This is not much about privacy but one of the subtopics that led to Replika, one antithesis of privacy:  creating an AI that has your personality, your most private thoughts and desires. As humans add more cyber power to their arsenal, and machines gain more awareness and ability to mimic or even think like humans […]

DNT (do not track) [howto] opt-out Look on this page to see if you are being tracked (you probably are). Privacy Tools Below are a few examples of tools you can download to further manage their privacy preferences: LightBeam by Mozilla DoNotTrackMe by Abine PrivacyFix by AVG Ghostery by Evidon Tracking Options The Network Advertising Initiative offers a central site where you can opt-out of certain […]