Gmail will stop scanning your emails Is this good news?  Or is it just an indication that google and everyone else already has enough information about everything you do (in Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Sites, Translate, Voice, ..) that they no longer need to sift through your email? The following is extracted from the article: ===================================== A major change is […]

Who has your DNA data and how is it used against you? Hmmm.   In light of earlier post re: HR1313, think again before your curiosity about your ancestry overwhelms your insurability.  If employer-sponsored “wellness programs” are exempt from GINA (genetic information nondiscrimmination act), your DNA can be used against you in your healthcare coverage.  Or is that logic too simple? The following is extracted from the […]

O&O ShutUp, Little Snitch, Open Snitch

You know that software is tattling on you to the big corporations.  These tools watch and can be configured to watch, and block the connections that feed data back to companies without always getting your consent or knowledge. O&O shut up monitors and blocks information that is sent to Microsoft from your Windows computer. […]

Chips Redux” How convenient !   Follow up on earlier post. CHIP AND PALM Swedish commuters are paying for train journeys with a microchip embedded in their HAND Implants that are hidden underneath the skin double up as a Swedish version of the Oyster card By Jacob Lewis, Travel Writer 14th June 2017, 4:12 pm […]

Don’t Call Unknown Numbers

If you get a call from any of these area codes do NOT pick up, do NOT call them back even if they leave a message.  268, 284, 473, 664, 649, 767, 809, 829, 849 and 876 according to FTC, will add charges to your bill as soon as you pick up the phone or […]