Foiling AI Pattern Recognition

AI systems can scan large volumes of video looking for a person with a red hat and blue pants.  But certain patterns on a tshirt can blind those AI and make the person invisible and unfindable.  Of course it does not (yet) defeat facial recognition, which would require other strategies. As with many powerful […]

Is an AI calling you == Robocall?

Should realistic computer generated calls be regulated? New AI based callers from google and others, are so good they can fool humans. If they are then able to do this (from the article): a scene from the TV show “The Office,” in which a scheming assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute, makes 50 […]

Dead or Alive? [haha]

In an earlier post Replika was described as an AI (artificial intelligence) engine that intends to capture your personality, and your “replika” responds to messages in a way you (the live meat-based entity) would.   The AI part, should learn enough about you to respond to new situations and take positions based on your personality and preferences.  […]

Replika [alert]

I know this is an odd topic to include in a blog on preserving and protecting one’s personal privacy.   Stay with me for a moment, though.   This post is an [alert] to highlight a disturbing and dangerous trend to losing the privacy of … your personality, to an AI (artificial intelligence).  Yes, this […]