Personal Statements on Social Media [alert]

Caution:   anything personal statement on any social media platform can become an issue of controversy.   Yes the universe wants to hear from you, but use some sense and caution, particularly if you are feeling strong emotions at the time. Example:  if you appear to publicly criticize your employer’s big client (here it was publishing a […]

Phony VPN/Security Services [alert]

“Follow the money.”   Willie Sutton famously was quoted (Snopes says Sutton was quoted incorrectly) saying he robbed banks because that’s where the money is. Just as fake charities steal donations after a disaster, fake security services pop up in light of general concern about privacy. What could be bad about a service called “MySafeVPN” […]

Sven Will Shred You(r) Papers [alert]

It’s not as much fun as the Beer Engines, but shredding confidential information is important.    Sven Anderson stopped at the coffee table and reminded everyone that you can bring your papers to the annual “shred it” event in the parking lot across from town hall: .    Also posted on which leads to: […]

Using Sound Waves to Hack Your Phone, Your Car, … [alert]

Sound waves properly generated near your phone can disrupt and feed incorrect information to the sensors that detect your location and/or movement.   MEMS (micro electronic-mechanical systems) accelerometers (even gyroscopes) are embedded in many devices and smartphones. Imagine a worst case scenario, your self-driving car is toodling down the road.  A speaker by the […]

Be Your Own Boss [alert]

There is no better time to be self-employed.  Quietly the chips are getting stacked against the privacy of your own personal health and genetic information (PHI = personal health information).  The article below suggests that employer provided health plans will eventually offer (financial)  incentives if you as an employee give up your genetic info, but […]