“Do Not Call” List and Protecting Your Real Phone Number

The Federal Trade Commission runs the USA “do not call” registry.   Sign up to reduce marketing calls to your phone: https://donotcall.gov/ To find information (FAQ = frequently asked questions), this site has a nice clear description: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0108-national-do-not-call-registry. It might be easy to be cynical about the usefulness of such a registry for honest telemarketers, since […]

Burner Credit Cards

You have probably heard about “burner phones“.   An “app version” is Hushed Phone which was posted earlier.   If you don’t want any linkage to your real identity, these are ones bought with cash, with prepaid minutes, and meant to be disposed of to eliminate traces of your communications.   For those situations you […]

Hushed Phone

https://hushed.com/blog/ For not a lot of money, a short term temporary (burner) phone number (you don’t have to buy a separate phone, signup, etc etc), just use the app, call, SMS, voicemail, in a variety of countries. Based out of Ottawa (other side of an international border), it is not immediately under domestic three-letter-agency governance.   […]