What data does Microsoft collect about you? [alert] and [howto] preferences

Windows 10 wants to improve your technology experience.  Microsoft has now put their official statement of what data they collect and at least gives you an option to state your preferences. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/04/05/windows-10-privacy-journey-continues-more-transparency-and-controls-for-you/#VmlbcApzG4cyPxyT.97 You can also log in to your Microsoft account and examine your privacy dashboard:  https://account.microsoft.com/account/privacy Perhaps more online service companies will be more […]

A Losing Battle [alert]

Congress is poised to undo landmark rules covering your Internet privacy http://wapo.st/2o8zRPV This is definitely important, but remember that google, apple, amazon, microsoft, facebook, instagram, linkedin, and all the big players you can think of, who are NOT constrained in any way in their collection, aggregation, resale, and targeted marketing and manipulation of consumers.   […]