A Logical Approach to YOUR Security: Five Questions

Security and privacy are such big (heavy) topics that many might feel overwhelmed thinking about everything people are telling you “you have to do this (or that)”.   I’d like to encourage you to take useful approach of asking yourself five questions: What private information do YOU want to protect?  What do you CARE about, that […]

So You Still Think You Don’t Need Privacy?

http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/346544-dreamhost-claims-doj-requesting-info-on-visitors-to-anti-trump-website Of course if you have nothing to hide, and are proud of it, everything is as it should be.  But a more cynical person might wonder, why is it so important for the Justice Department to identify exactly who is “against” a particular person or idea? TOR can anonymize your IP address — the […]

Threat to Democracy [alert]

The Electronic Frontier Foundation includes privacy as one if its top initiative.  While EFF’s focus is directed to government overreach, an equally large danger, or perhaps greater, is that of the actions of private (global scale) companies in aggregating our personal data and leveraging it well beyond such benign objectives as marketing and helping you […]

Who’s Watching You?

Being watched, changes your behavior. Sometimes it makes things better, as in an old phone company study where workers showed better productivity when they were being studied (were they more productive in brighter or dimmer light?), and slumped back to normal after the study ended.  One conclusion was, workers performed better and produced more when they […]

Yes You Can [soapbox]

Talking about privacy and security, I recently heard Whit Diffie compare it to “talking about cancer” — it is a huge topic, and curing (all) cancer seems insurmountable.  What can any one person do about it?  It is so complex, so seemingly technical, and any normal person faced with the size of that mountain, cannot help […]

Your browser is telling on you

Whenever you visit a site on your browser, the standard browser setup (from factory) will not only be happy to let many sites track your activity, but reveals to that web site some interesting information about your browser: For example, see these checks (or google “browser privacy check”: http://mybrowserinfo.com/detail.asp?bhcp=1 https://ipinfo.info/html/privacy-check.php https://panopticlick.eff.org/  from EFF.org who bring […]