Gmail: confidential mode

This popped up in my gmail today, that it’s possible to add certain levels of confidential handling including expiration (message to be deleted after some period of time you choose) password (send by SMS text) protected messages and other features – Below is what I could see in the pop-up window describing these features.  The […]

Gmail will stop scanning your emails Is this good news?  Or is it just an indication that google and everyone else already has enough information about everything you do (in Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Sites, Translate, Voice, ..) that they no longer need to sift through your email? The following is extracted from the article: ===================================== A major change is […]

Free Anonymized Email Address [howto]

Never give out your real email address again when you sign up for a service.   Each signup can be given its own unique email address.  Stop receiving the annoying follow up emails and advertisements (can’t find where to stop it, can you?), with one click.   This is the email equivalent of Hushedphone. If […]