Protecting Your Kids’ Privacy [alert] So there is an estimate that 70% of all K-12 schools / students use google or other online service (Microsoft, Apple, or other) for assignments, submitting homework, and learning sites — Teachers are already overburdened with everything else, including teaching, and do not have a lot of bandwidth to address the security of the […]

Gmail will stop scanning your emails Is this good news?  Or is it just an indication that google and everyone else already has enough information about everything you do (in Google+, Hangouts, YouTube, Drive, Sites, Translate, Voice, ..) that they no longer need to sift through your email? The following is extracted from the article: ===================================== A major change is […]

Google + Credit Card Companies [alert], [howto] You know that Amazon knows enough about what you will be ordering before you even know it yourself:  that’s how Jeff Bezos knows what to put in his warehouses for same day or 2-hour delivery. Now Google knows when and how much you spend in which store, if you use your credit card(s).  Using […]

DNT (do not track) [howto] opt-out Look on this page to see if you are being tracked (you probably are). Privacy Tools Below are a few examples of tools you can download to further manage their privacy preferences: LightBeam by Mozilla DoNotTrackMe by Abine PrivacyFix by AVG Ghostery by Evidon Tracking Options The Network Advertising Initiative offers a central site where you can opt-out of certain […]

Check Your Google Privacy Settings [alert]

Google Privacy Notice.  I logged in to gmail and received this notification: Some new features for your Google Account We’ve introduced some optional features for your account, giving you more control over the data Google collects and how it’s used, while allowing Google to show you more relevant ads. What changes if you turn […]