Your DNA, hr1313, and catching the Golden State Killer

one thing is clear when it comes to commercial genetic testing companies, Gruber said. People who use their products “don’t usually have a full understanding and appreciation for what type of information they’re giving those companies,” and they don’t understand that they’ve given up “any future control” over their information. “Be cautious and fully informed,” […]

Who has your DNA data and how is it used against you? Hmmm.   In light of earlier post re: HR1313, think again before your curiosity about your ancestry overwhelms your insurability.  If employer-sponsored “wellness programs” are exempt from GINA (genetic information nondiscrimmination act), your DNA can be used against you in your healthcare coverage.  Or is that logic too simple? The following is extracted from the […]

Be Your Own Boss [alert]

There is no better time to be self-employed.  Quietly the chips are getting stacked against the privacy of your own personal health and genetic information (PHI = personal health information).  The article below suggests that employer provided health plans will eventually offer (financial)  incentives if you as an employee give up your genetic info, but […]