Robot Diversions, Android Sheep

This is not much about privacy but one of the subtopics that led to Replika, one antithesis of privacy:  creating an AI that has your personality, your most private thoughts and desires. As humans add more cyber power to their arsenal, and machines gain more awareness and ability to mimic or even think like humans […]

Dead or Alive? [haha]

In an earlier post Replika was described as an AI (artificial intelligence) engine that intends to capture your personality, and your “replika” responds to messages in a way you (the live meat-based entity) would.   The AI part, should learn enough about you to respond to new situations and take positions based on your personality and preferences.  […]

Replika [alert]

I know this is an odd topic to include in a blog on preserving and protecting one’s personal privacy.   Stay with me for a moment, though.   This post is an [alert] to highlight a disturbing and dangerous trend to losing the privacy of … your personality, to an AI (artificial intelligence).  Yes, this […]