Blow That Whistle! (but be safe)

I just noticed on the Washington Post newspaper web page a nice collection of ways to confidentially communicate between journalists and tipsters.   One of them is SecureDrop, which was already discussed earlier.   It’s probably a good idea to just become familiar with these channels of communication, even practice it before you need it. […]

Yes You Can [soapbox]

Talking about privacy and security, I recently heard Whit Diffie compare it to “talking about cancer” — it is a huge topic, and curing (all) cancer seems insurmountable.  What can any one person do about it?  It is so complex, so seemingly technical, and any normal person faced with the size of that mountain, cannot help […]


Signal encrypts “end to end”.  What that means is when your messages are in transit between sender and receiver, it is encrypted and is supposed to be protected against mass surveillance (listeners along the way).   Signal is like the envelope with your letter inside, rather than the postcard equivalent of most messaging systems today: […]


Encryption of messages is sometimes not enough.  If you don’t want to leave a trail of evidence that leads back to your door,  “Off the Record” communications can be very handy when messages self-destruct.  Some of you might be old enough to remember Peter Graves watching the tape player push out a cloud of smoke […]