StartPage, your private search engine

Most of you probably have already seen how items related to your searches on google or bing, end up in the advertisements on other pages you visit.   For example, searching for vacations in Spain, very soon after, you get advertisements for the same when you visit sites that are not related to Spain, such […]

LibrePlanet 2017

Free Software Foundation, or runs an annual meeting called LibrePlanet, in 2017 it is at MIT on March 25 and 26.  Both days are chock full of events and speakers — see the list here.  Among the speakers, Cory Doctorow and Richard Stallman just to tickle your interest.  Don’t recognize the names?  Just look […]

Yes You Can [soapbox]

Talking about privacy and security, I recently heard Whit Diffie compare it to “talking about cancer” — it is a huge topic, and curing (all) cancer seems insurmountable.  What can any one person do about it?  It is so complex, so seemingly technical, and any normal person faced with the size of that mountain, cannot help […]