I can hear your heartbeat and I know it’s you

We all know about fingerprints and retina scan for biometric identification.  Faces are now used to identify people and log on to computers and smartphones.  You can certainly be identified by your gait: the special way you walk, that is like nobody else.  Other methods that didn’t gain widespread acceptance include body odor sniffers. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/613891/the-pentagon-has-a-laser-that-can-identify-people-from-a-distanceby-their-heartbeat/ […]

Who’s Watching You?

Being watched, changes your behavior. Sometimes it makes things better, as in an old phone company study where workers showed better productivity when they were being studied (were they more productive in brighter or dimmer light?), and slumped back to normal after the study ended.  One conclusion was, workers performed better and produced more when they […]

Hacking Air Gapped Systems

News from the world of advanced surveillance. “Air Gapped” systems means, there are no (conventional) network connections to the outside world.  No ethernet, no wifi, no bluetooth, nothing.   Air gapped systems are often considered the gold standard of secure (PRIVATE) systems, because there is simply no network connection.   The only more secure system […]


Signal encrypts “end to end”.  What that means is when your messages are in transit between sender and receiver, it is encrypted and is supposed to be protected against mass surveillance (listeners along the way).   Signal is like the envelope with your letter inside, rather than the postcard equivalent of most messaging systems today: […]