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So far, visitors from 28 countries (plus “EU”) and counting!  This is from the WordPress log of who visited this site from which countries.   If some of you used TOR or a VPN to view the privacy blog (good for you!) of course it’s possible your real location was masked.

TOR, the onion router

TOR has many parts.   They fall into three general categories:  Clients (using the TOR browser), and servers (“hidden servers”) are used to both anonymize the user’s IP address and to reach hidden servers.   Hidden servers can hide their IP address and the physical location associated with that IP address.   Then there is […]


Protonmail brags that it is “NSA proof”.   It does have some interesting features, and is based in the time-honored nexus of privacy:  Switzerland (remember the swiss numbered bank account?  no names necessary !). Self-destructing messages (you schedule the date / time) are a nice feature.   Features are listed on their product page; I […]


Anonymous, untraceable file and message drop for whistleblowers sending tips to news organizations and journalists. To protect both journalists and whistleblowers, an anonymous tipline with the ability to transfer files to the dropbox is essential. No more meeting Deep Throat in the garage to get information about the Watergate incident reported by the Washington Post. […]